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A JavaScript Package Registry funded, developed and maintained by the community, for the community

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Serves a full mirror of the npm registry

We know that you can't just begin from the beginning, that's why we're serving a full, live updated copy of the npm registry

Read more about the npm registry mirror

Sole Focus on being a JavaScript Package Registry

This project has one goal and one goal only. Become the best JavaScript package registry on the planet.

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Full Transparency

Everything you can think about is public in Open-Registry. Our finances, the infrastructure, the development, discussions about Open-Registry and more.

Public projects should be developed in the public.

If you find something that is not public, it's a mistake. Please report it to us and we'll do our best to open it up ASAP.

Funded by the community

As we want Open-Registry to be 100% for and by the users, it only makes sense that the funding for the project is from the users. That way, we don't need to waste any time on trying to come up with ways to "extract value" from our users or courting VCs

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Governed by the community

Everything that Open-Registry does and thinks about doing is from the community of users. Anyone can participate and make their voices heard.

Want to participate? It's easy!

Developed by the community

Of course, everything related to Open-Registry is Open Source under the MIT license. But not only that, planning and everything else is also done in the public, as Open Source is not just about the license.

Here are some issues that are easy to start with

Future Goals

Get Started

Starting to use Open-Registry is easy, and if you don't like it, it's easy to leave!

Warning: Open-Registry as a project is in alpha so you might encounter issues
# To start using Open-Registry
# Replace "npm" with your client (such as "yarn")
npm config set registry

# To stop using Open-Registry
# Replace "npm" with your client
npm config delete registry

Open-Registry is a community effort to regain control of one of the most important part of the JavaScript ecosystem, the package registry.

Its purpose is to allow people to control the development, funding and support of the registry itself, by making it fully open-source and transparent for its user and the public

Open-Registry is funded, developed and maintained only by its own users, so if you're feeling extra charitable today, please consider donating


This is our most recent finances view.

Open-Registry practices full transparency. Our finances, the infrastructure, the development, discussions about Open-Registry are all public.


Open-Registry is a project for the community, by the community.

Feel free to join any discussions you see and that you think you can help in.

We all work together and we all have the same goal:
Create the best JavaScript Package Registry in the world

The main discussions and governance happens over GitHub and using their collaboration features.

On the right, you can find links to the most important gathering points


There is many ways you can contribute to making Open-Registry better.

Here is some examples, but it's not the only ways! If you can come up with some other way, make a PR to add them to this site!

  • Help fund some of the costs of running the registry
  • Contribute time to develop patches and features
  • Participate in discussions to ensure all decisions are for the users best
  • Help design websites and UX
  • Spread the word about Open-Registry, for example,
  • Improve the documentation
  • Help maintain the infrastructure and/or make it better!
  • Have a Open Source project? Let the world know you're using Open-Registry by adding a link to this website

Get started by visiting the GitHub Repository:

Open-Registry Logo

The Open-Registry

A JavaScript Package Registry funded, developed and maintained by the community, for the community

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